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Patient Videos

Removal of the uterus and cervix and in some cases the tubes and/or ovaries as well.

Removing endometriosis from within the pelvis with Key-hole surgery

Removal of the uterus, cervix, tubes and ovaries with small 5-10mm "key-hole" incisions.

Using a small camera to view or operate inside the uterus

Key-hole surgery to perform surgery inside the pelvis

Removal of the lining of the uterus with diathermy to decrease bleeding

Key-hole surgery to remove a cyst from the ovary

Removal of the uterus with no cuts on the abdomen

Jean Hailes  - Janetta Webb

For delivery of your beautiful baby


Patient Podcasts

Dr Rachel Green discusses Chronic Pelvic Pain with Dr Suzie As-Sanie (USA) - AGES

Dr Rachel Green discusses Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with Dr Anusch Yazdani - AGES

Dr Rachel Green discusses Endometriosis with Dr Jason Abbott - AGES